Ye cannae say we dinnae gie ye ocht! (You can't say we don't give you anything!)
Here are a wheen o free tracks, in MP3 format. Just click on the bold titles to download them.

Gran Time Comin
From the Ulster-Scots Folk Orchestra's CD "Bringin It Thegither".
This is our first ever studio recording - done in two takes live in Crawford Bell's studio in Summer 2003.

Jesus Is My Hairt's Fond Love / Yer Faither
Recorded live in Ivan's house in October 2005 for the BBC Northern Ireland TV series
"A Dander With Drennan"which was broadcast in June 2006, and again in December 2006.
Single take with a single mike!
You can see the video clip of us playing this on YouTube.

I Saw the Light (featuring Willie Drennan on fiddle)
The other track we recorded live for "A Dander With Drennan".
Once again a single take with a single mike, and this time Willie joins us on fiddle.
You can see the video clip of us playing this on YouTube.

By The Marks
This is an old recording of an early version of the Low Country Boys - Mark, Graeme, Ivan and Gibson - with Ivan McKeown, Andrew Shanks, John Watson and Greer Wilson also singin', performing the Gillian Welch song "By The Marks" at Mark's wedding service on 26th September 1997. 24hrs later Mark and Hilary were in the Appalachian Mountains in Virginia! We might put a video clip of this up on YouTube - the four of us were much thinner with mair hair!

Shall We Gather At The River

Jesus Is My Hairt's Fond Love & I'll Fly Away
Live In Washington DC, July 2007

We might put some demos and other stuff on this page, so keep checking back.